Can you help a child with tinnitus?

Imagine your child, grandchild, niece or nephew living with a constant, isolating, intrusive noise. There are 1000’s of children suffering with tinnitus who haven’t explained it to their parents.

We want to give children with tinnitus the tools they need to clearly communicate the noises they hear

We need you to help children like Amy. Amy was diagnosed with tinnitus at just eight years old. She has suffered with constant buzzing as long as she can remember. Amy is now 11.

Amy says: "I thought tinnitus was for older people but it can hit at any age not just older ones. If you think you have tinnitus or have been diagnosed then try and find different groups for support, don’t fight it alone or don’t leave it to late like me."

Read Amy's story

Amy (right), her sister Megan and their dog Bolt

Research shows that in every class, in every school, a child has tinnitus which affects their quality of life

As you will have seen during Tinnitus Week, we have highlighted three amazing young case studies, who have been brave enough to speak out about their experiences of tinnitus. These children, we think you will agree, are amazing. But it is estimated that 1 in 30 children is affected by tinnitus and we believe there are 1000’s of children suffering with the condition who haven’t found a way to explain it to their parents.

Izzy talks about her tinnitus here 

Getting children with tinnitus talking

So we would like to support them so they are able to do this. We started in 2014 by creating a series of children’s information leaflets, which children of all ages can read to help them understand what tinnitus is. We followed this in 2016 with a complimentary series of Activity Booklets for children which enables children, through their own words and drawings, to explain how their tinnitus sounds to their parents. The booklets have been incredibly successful and even won a British Medical Association award for patient information in 2017.

George's mum Niki shares their tinnitus story here 

Bringing tinnitus to life through video and animation

But now want to bring these booklets to life through video and animation so they reach more children and their families. We know, in today’s digital world, young people access information in very different ways and this is why we want to create new tools that children can use to help them communicate how their tinnitus makes them feel.

What we'd like to do:

  • Develop a short film on how to talk to your child about tinnitus
  • Promote animations through social media
  • Reach as many children with tinnitus as possible
  • Give children with tinnitus the tools they need to clearly communicate the noises they hear

How you can help children with tinnitus

Tinnitus affects 1 in 30 children. Help us reach that child in every school class by donating to our appeal.

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You can help families communicate, come together and make a difference to their relationships

You can help us do this, by donating to our Children’s Appeal. All the money raised will be put towards developing the new tools, and we hope very much that you will consider supporting us.

Please send your donation so we can reach more children like Amy, George and Izzy

As we don’t receive any direct government funding, we rely on your generosity to continue our vital work. You can help children on their journey to managing their tinnitus

Please help a child with tinnitus today

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