All of our work is paid for by the generosity of members and supporters like you 

We receive no money directly from the government, so we are reliant on the generosity and support of members of the public and grant-making organisations to be able to support people with tinnitus across the UK.

In 2018/19, donations enabled us to:

  • Continue to invest in research projects to find out new management techniques for tinnitus, and lead to an eventual cure
  • Answer 6,654 freephone helpline calls from members of the public needing support with their tinnitus, or wanting to help a friend or relative
  • Support over 100 active local Tinnitus Support Groups around the country
  • Enable 720 members of the public to attend our Expo and Information Days and provide them with information about the latest tinnitus research and how to help manage the condition
  • Raise awareness of tinnitus prevention through our campaign aim at young people called Plug’em

Download 'Our Impact' - the annual review of our activity, here: