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We urgently need more funding to help support people living with tinnitus and fund new research to ultimately find a cure.


It has been a challenge for us all. As a family we have been taken aback by just how many people live with the symptoms of tinnitus, and how different it can be for everyone. The younger boys have had lots of teary moments, especially at quiet times when they realise that Ewan doesn't have silence or quiet.

Tinnitus has impacted the Cameron-Lyle family in ways they couldn't imagine. At the start of 2020, James's eldest son Ewan (15-years-old) sustained a concussion injury which left him with a collection of symptoms, including tinnitus. Ewan now hears a constant sharp metallic sound in his ears 24/7 and experiences slight hearing loss.

Helping Ewan to manage his tinnitus and other symptoms has added another layer or dimension to our parenting and family support structure within our home.

Ewan's parents, James and Beth, and his younger siblings, Gethin (11) and Finley (8), continue to support him and take the time to learn more about what Ewan is experiencing. Earlier this year, the family were able to access our online sessions and resources to help them do this.

With the help of the BTA's positivity, commitment and expert knowledge, Ewan is working hard to get to know these new and disruptive elements in his life.

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