The BTA is regularly contacted by individuals who are looking to develop digital solutions and management tools to help people living with tinnitus, and we saw an opportunity to bring these people together to streamline activity and boost collaboration.

We’ve just held the first resulting digital tinnitus workshop – attended by an incredibly diverse audience of developers, hearing therapists, audiologists, and researchers – which had the goal of encouraging sharing, learning and development for current or future digital projects.

I kicked discussions off by sharing details of Take on Tinnitus, the BTA’s first venture into digital activity, then we heard from:

  • Adrian Green about the sound therapy software AudioNotch
  • Rupert Brown & James Rodley about the tinnitus wellness app T-Minus
  • Dr Fabrice Bardy about the tinnitus therapy bot Tinnibot
  • Dr Eldré Beukes about internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy for tinnitus

It was really heartening to hear from the speakers who were all open and candid about their journey so far; where they are up to, some of the challenges they’ve faced but also some of the numbers and the data behind their products and services.

Digital solutions for people with tinnitusThere seems to be a real demand – with participants joining from around the world – for building a community to support digital creation (however far along the development journey), to ensure effectiveness, and to measure impact.

I’m genuinely excited about where this will lead, and the difference this could make to people living with tinnitus. It’s in the community’s hands as to how this develops going forward but we’re committed to supporting every step of way.

If you are interested in providing digital solutions and products for tinnitus, and would like to join the community, email [email protected]