Saturday 14th September
Goldsmiths University, New Cross, London

We're delighted to announce some exciting additional content at the 2019 Tinnitus Expo; coming from London based independent hearing healthcare providers, Cubex

Bringing their patient-centred approach to the Expo they will be delivering two sessions repeated during the day. Led by experts in the fields of Audiology and Modern Mindfulness these sessions are a valuable opportunity to try your hand at techniques known to help improve a persons ability to manage their tinnitus. 

Session 1: An introduction to Learn to Live Well with Tinnitus  - A Mindfulness Based Cognitive Wellbeing course for people experiencing tinnitus.

Join them for an opportunity to explore tools, strategies and techniques to increase your capability to live well with tinnitus. This 45-minute session is designed to educate and empower people experiencing unhealthy tinnitus-related stress with the essential information to make decisions for themselves and their long-term wellbeing.

The session will cover developing a basic understanding of tinnitus and common causes, separating the truth from stories in the neuroscience of tinnitus, it's impact on distress and anxiety and how to break that cycle. Finally it will cover what to be cautious of in treatment and an explanation of options known to be helpful. 

Session 2: Move . Breathe . Be (Practical session)

Yoga is a great mind-body practice that can have physical, mental and emotional benefits for anyone and everyone.

The practice of Yoga can help to develop greater self-awareness, acceptance, and the ability to be present in the moment. It can also play a key role in stress reduction and improving strength, balance, stability and mobility.  It is a great way to step away from mental chaos, unstress, focus the mind and work towards reducing the load that tinnitus has on our cognitive & mental resources.

The journey of Yoga is an adventure to be enjoyed. It is not just for women and those with naturally great physical flexibility. It is for everybody, and anybody, it can be started at any age and done for a lifetime.  It also does not have to be complicated to experience the benefits.

This workshop will introduce you to yoga movement & techniques that are accessible and easy to incorporate into daily life. All levels are welcome.

Kit -

Mats will be provided. Stretchy, loose, comfortable clothing that you can move freely in is recommended.

These sessions are included in the programme as a taster of things you can try to help manage your tinnitus. Please be assured they will not be based around selling a product or pushing sales. As Audiologists who want to support the health and wellbeing of their patients, Cubex are serious about educating and providing people with a foundation of knowledge so that they can be discerning about the choices that make when seeking support.

Further information about everything that is happening at the 2019 Tinnitus Expo can be found online by following the link