Boaz Mui, a PhD student at Flinders University, Australia, is working with Professor Raj Shekhawat on the topic "Human Centred Design and Telerehabilitation: Transforming the Future of Hearing Care in Australia".

He is conducting a research project which aims to understand how teleaudiology is perceived by stakeholders involved in hearing healthcare including the general public, clinicians, audiology students, academics, and industry partners.

He has developed a short (15 minutes) online survey for each stakeholder group. He would like to know:

  • What you think about teleaudiology
  • Why would/wouldn’t you try it
  • You experience with teleaudiology if you have used it.

Previous experience with teleaudiology is not compulsory to participate in this study and everyone is welcome to complete the survey.

Below please find the link and QR code for the survey:

Take the survey

QR code

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels