Deafening cinema sound is ruining films, claims Hugh Grant

In the Guardian on Sunday, an article appeared which had been set off by a tweet on 5 October from actor, producer Hugh Grant wh had been to see Joker. In it he simply put:

Am I old, or is the cinema MUCH TOO LOUD? Unendurable. Pointless.

The reaction to his post was quite staggering, and we were delighted to be contacted by journalist Vanessa Thorpe to ask for our input for the piece which she was writing as a follow up.

The article was also incredibly timely as it tied in perfectly with our new campaign Safe Around Sound, where we're currently finding out more about levels of social sound, including the cinema.

When the article was live on Sunday our Twitter and Facebook pages were jammed full of comments, and they were overwhelming conclusive. Cinema screenings are, for many people, too loud.

And it's not just the affect these sound levels have on someone with tinnitus, but anybody who is exposed to unsafe levels of sound is potentially at risk of tinnitus and hearing damage. No matter what their age or background.



Through Safe Around Sound we want to change this, and you can help us really easily by completing the short survey we've created at You don't have to be someone who goes to the cinema to complete it, we're looking at all social environments at the moment. So please, if you have 4 minutes to spare, your input could make a big difference.

And if you’re a venue or business and would like advice on safer sound levels and protecting your customers get in touch. We’re here to help. Send us a message on social, or email [email protected]

Hugh Grant photo credit: Kurt Kulac [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]