We’ve been increasing the number of local support groups for people with tinnitus across the UK, and we’re pleased and proud to say that we now have 115 groups supported by the BTA that – until lockdown – were meeting regularly.

We know that tinnitus support groups are a vital resource, enabling people to come together, understand more about tinnitus, and share their experiences and coping skills.

We are aware that some parts of the country are under-served by tinnitus support groups. Eventually, we would like everyone in the UK to be within 30 minutes travel of their nearest support group.

To help us see if this ambitious target is feasible, we are planning a pilot project in the South West (subject to funding) which will start initially in Cornwall.

We currently only have one group in Cornwall, in Truro, and our project would increase the number significantly.

To help us make the case to potential funders, over the coming weeks we will be collecting the views of people with tinnitus in Cornwall, as well as consulting with other interested organisations and professionals.

If you live in Cornwall (and only Cornwall at this time) please could you take five minutes to complete our short survey and let us know what you think of our idea? We’d really appreciate it.


Photo by Karen Uppal on Unsplash