The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) provides expert guidance for clinical practice, which is adopted by healthcare professionals.

NICE are currently working on a set of guidelines for the treatment of tinnitus. The BTA is a stakeholder in these guidelines, and we were invited to offer feedback.

To do this, we wanted to ensure our views reflect the views of people with tinnitus - that means you!

We publicised the guidelines via Quiet, our membership magazine; FOCUS, our e-newsletter; stands at our Conference and Expo and via our social media channels, asking for your help.

And you didn't disappoint us!

Over 980 of you responded, which is a fantastic number, and really drove home to us how engaged the tinnitus community are in getting the best and most consistent care.

My colleagues Dave Carr (our Head of Development) and Dr Georgie Burns-O'Connell (our Research Officer) read every single one of the responses and categorised and tabulated them. I was then used as a fresh set of eyes to help make sure that captured the essence of what was said, and we then picked out the comments that we felt best summed up the responses.

Georgie, Dave and I then discussed how we could summarise the survey responses, and how to word them, before Dave started the drafts, which included finding the evidence to back up some of our statements.

Once the internal team were happy, we offered the draft to our Professional Advisers' Committee, Trustees and President for comment, before finally submitting it.

You can read the draft guidelines and the response we submitted below:



Now it's going to be the turn of the Committee who produced the draft guidelines to sit and read feedback - and ours is not the only set they will have received. There are dozens of registered stakeholders who will all have their own feedback to offer. Once the feedback has been considered, revised guidelines will be drawn up. The final version is expected to be published in March 2020.

If you would like to see what the other stakeholders thought of the guidelines, NICE will be publishing those on their website in due course.

You will be able to access these, and find out more about the progress of the final guidelines by visiting