Huge congratulations to Peter who challenged himself to swim 100 miles over 2018 to get people talking about tinnitus as well as raising funds for the BTA.

Peter's journey with Tinnitus started in May 2015. "Apart from a broken left wrist when I was 20 and a few concussions playing rugby I had managed to stay a pretty healthy chap all in all (perhaps my liver would disagree), but at the age of 31 when my T started, for me it was life changing moment...

...About a year ago I came to the conclusion that I would need to adapt on my own and just get on with life, giving T as little attention as possible. As I began to habituate to T, I have embraced life as much as possible." 

You can read more of his story here: Tinnitus and me

Throughout his challenge, Peter updated his blog to let all his supporters know how he was getting on with his open water events and indoor swimming. 

Well done Peter for completing this challenge and raising £1900 so far with match funding! If you could support Peter, please sponsor him here: Pete's Big Swim - JustGiving

If you would like to take on a challenge and help support the work we do, just get in touch with our fundraising team via [email protected] or call us on 0114 250 9933.