It is with great sadness that the BTA announce the death of Professor Ross Coles.

Ross was a pioneer of tinnitus work, both research and clinical, at a time when this was deeply neglected. He was also active in the field of noise-induced hearing loss, and his work there was the underpinning of many medico-legal settlements for this condition.

Ross was a man of great insight, warmth, and hospitality, and will be remembered with great tenderness. He was a close colleague of Jacqui Sheldrake, Jonathan Hazell, and Rich Tyler, and taught and mentored many people active in tinnitus today, including David Baguley and Laurence McKenna.

Tinnitus clinicians, researchers, and patients alike have much to be thankful for in the life of Professor Ross Coles.

Professor David Baguley

President, British Tinnitus Association