Derek Hoare and Magdalena Sereda receiving the Shapiro Prize from Peter Wheeler

The Marie & Jack Shapiro Prize 2016 has gone to to a collaborative team of tinnitus clinicians and researchers. Magdalena Sereda, Derek Hoare, Richard Nicholson, Sandra Smith and Deb Hall have been awarded the prize for their paper ‘Consensus on hearing aid candidature and fitting for mild hearing loss, with and without tinnitus: Delphi review’.

The prize and £250 cash was awarded at the BTA’s 23rd Annual Conference in Manchester on 22 September 2016, which was attended by audiologists, hearing professionals, researchers and BTA members. For the first time, a “Commended” award was presented, and this was awarded for the paper ‘Human auditory cortex neurochemistry reflects the presence and severity of tinnitus’ by William Sedley, Jehill Parikh, Richard Edden, Valerie Tait, Andrew Blamire and Timothy Griffiths.

The winning papers were chosen from a shortlist of 12. The judging panel was formed of our Professional Advisers’ Committee. Hearing aids are a key first line intervention for individuals with tinnitus. The judges considered that the paper: “addresses an important question regarding provision of hearing aids for tinnitus management. It is a much-needed Delphi review to scope current practice and to understand clinician behaviour, which will foster debate and reflection in the field. The results should allow patients to have open discussions with their audiologist.”

Will Sedley and his colleagues used magnetic resonance spectroscopy to examine the neurochemical GABA in the brain of those with and without tinnitus, finding that it is significantly reduced in the hearing centres of the brain in their participants who had tinnitus. 

The Marie & Jack Shapiro Prize is given each year at the BTA Conference to the piece of published research, by a UK based author, ‘most likely to result in improved treatment or public awareness of tinnitus,’ that was published in the last calendar year. The prize is named after the late Jack Shapiro, the founder of the BTA and his wife Marie.

Photo: Derek Hoare (l) and Magdalena Sereda (c) receiving the Shapiro Prize from Peter Wheeler (r)