Tinnitus Rooms – Greenwich

Louise talks about the challenges and successes of the support group she set up in Greenwich

I met audiologist Adam Chell in January 2017 when I had a private consultation with him for my hearing loss and tinnitus. We became friends and discovered that we shared a passion for hearing health care and in particular the management of tinnitus.

I had discussed with Adam the isolation I sometimes experienced due to the changes in my life that living with tinnitus had brought. I was a singer and had been involved in the music business for many years and had decided to take a step back after my initial diagnosis, ten years prior, in order to adjust to life with hearing loss. At times noisy environments proved tricky so I became quite a home body but felt the time was right to find my feet again in more social activities.

Adam suggested I visit a support group where he was going to be the guest speaker, I found the connections, conversation and interactions inspiring – so much so that we decided, with the help of British Tinnitus Association, to set up our own group in my local area.

Tinnitus Rooms launched in Greenwich 15 months ago. Since then, our tinnitus support group has grown in numbers and gone from strength to strength. Local newspapers have given us free advertising space to promote the group, and social media platforms have helped us reach others outside our area too. And our annual T4Tinntus Tea Parties have helped raise both funds and awareness of both the BTA and group support networks.

There is definitely a difference in experience when like-minded people gather.

Being with others that ‘get it’, and who understand and support one another in finding ways to come to acceptance, educate themselves and thrive is so positive.

As well as gaining knowledge from informed guest speakers, group members learn from each other too.

And although our individual experiences of tinnitus are unique, the common ground of mutual support is uplifting.


People power. Empowered people.

Both Adam and I have seen the difference first hand that a supportive, encouraging group setting can make, especially with helping people move from isolation to connection.


Celebrating group support!

Nice work and thank you BTA, from all of us at Tinnitus Rooms, Greenwich.

We salute you and thank you for your life enhancing work.

Louise Hatch and Adam Chell