It’s great to see things moving along so well in the run up to Tinnitus Awareness Week 2017 #TAW2017. With lots of social media interest already and press starting to get involved we are hoping the week will be a real success. We’ve also had loads of requests for information packs from hospitals, private hearing care professionals and individuals who really want to make a difference – the packs are going out next week when we have our final rebranded items, so if you are waiting for your pack, it’ll soon be with you.

The new Tinnitus Guidance for GPs is about to go to print and will be available online from 6 Feb, so please do come back and get your copy. Once it’s online you can print one off (or request one from the office) and take to your GP, it really will be a huge help in raising awareness both with GPs about the resources we have available which will then get passed on to others with tinnitus. The more we can help people see what help and support is available, the better. So please do help if you can.

If you haven’t signed up to the Thunderclap, please do so. This is our first time trying one, and it’s a great opportunity to make a real social media noise. Once you sign up with a social media account, one message will be sent at 12noon on 10 Feb, which means all your followers or friends online will see that we are standing Together for Tinnitus. It’ll be a big awareness raiser, so please do sign up and show your support.

And please do take a photo of yourself with the Together for Tinnitus postcard. Again these are available to download ( or you can request a copy from the BTA office. Just send your address details to me via

If you’ve already supported us, thank you! And if you want to get involved by putting up posters locally or taking information leaflets to your work then again just ask. The more we can do together, the better.

If you do use social media please make sure you use the hashtag #TAW2017 and if possible tag in @BritishTinnitus and we will RT or Share/Like the posts we see. Upload the profile avatar we have available too. It’ll really get the week noticed.

Thanks for all your help with any awareness. If you need anything, please do just get in touch.