The staff at the BTA may not all be in one office right now, but we’ve all been continuing to offer support, advice and a listening ear to anyone with tinnitus who needs our help, since the start of lock down in March.

It’s been a big change for the staff team of just 21 people as we’ve quickly had to learn how to operate as an organisation from our own homes - some of us are working from bedrooms, kitchens, attics and spare rooms. But we’ve been delighted to be able to continue to offer the same support we always have, despite all the changes we have all been through.

I'm so proud of the work that we do at the BTA. Supporting people with tinnitus has never been so important as people are facing limited access to healthcare services and a lot of extra stress in many cases. I'm really pleased we've been able to continue offering help and advice from home. 

Colette Bunker, Acting Head of Services 

You may not realise it but all BTA staff members answer your calls and web chats. So, if you call you might speak to someone in the fundraising team, communications or even finance. Being in direct contact with you on a regular basis means that supporting people with tinnitus is at the heart of everything we do. You will also be reassured that we know what we are talking about, many of the team have or do experience tinnitus, and the whole team are extremely knowledgeable and able to offer the support and understanding that you might need.

Things may be a bit different right now, but we are still here to help you. Remember, you’re not alone. You can get in touch with us in the following ways (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm):

If you’ve received support from our Tinnitus Support Team, please consider helping us to help others.

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