A Great Big Thank You!

Our final blog of #TAW2017 is written by Emily Broomhead, BTA Campaign's Manager and lead on Tinnitus Awareness Week.Read more

"Improving the lives of people living with tinnitus"

Dave Carr, oversees our volunteer programme. Here Dave highlights the specific volunteer roles available and how they can help people with tinnitus.Read more

"They know they are not on their own anymore"

In this blog, Pat Hunt, secretary of the Kingston Hospital Tinnitus Support Group gives us the lowdown about how people with tinnitus can really benefit from having access to a network of like-minded people in a support group setting.Read more

"I do deal with it better than before but it is very hard"

In today's blog, George Hilliar shares how tinnitus makes him feel.Read more

"I help many patients I see who also have experience of tinnitus"

Today's blog post for Tinnitus Awareness Week, comes from Prof Chris Dowrick who is a Professor of Primary Medical Care at the University of Liverpool and a GP in a busy Liverpool practice.Read more

All your questions, answered

To celebrate the start of Tinnitus Awareness Week 2017 we conducted a live Q&A session on Twitter.Read more