A Mad Hatters Tea Party for Tea for Tinnitus

This year, the team at Tinnitus Rooms in Greenwich, are having a 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party', to celebrate Tea for Tinnitus. Find out more, and if you can, do go along.Read more

A very splendid Sunday afternoon

If you are in the Belfast area on Sunday 24 June, why not go along to this amazing Tea for Tinnitus event. Find out more here...Read more

Tea for Tinnitus in Bath

The Hearing Team based at St Martin’s hospital in Bath will be supporting the Tea for Tinnitus campaign in June. Find out more here.Read more

A Tea for Tinnitus Garden Party!

The newly formed tinnitus support group in Bury St Edmunds will be holding a Tea for Tinnitus Garden Party in JuneRead more

Lynne gets colourful for the BTA

Lynne is one of our helpline volunteers, she's now helping us even further by doing a challenge in June. Find out more here.Read more

Flying and tinnitus

Rory Hanna, a BTA volunteer, offers some tips for those people with tinnitus jetting off on holiday.Read more