With all that is happening, it's hard to believe that our Tinnitus Roundtable event took place at the House of Commons less than six months ago, but I'm pleased to say that despite the challenges of current events, we are continuing to move forward with our mission.

Tinnitus ManifestoThe Tinnitus Manifesto, which was published in February, crystalised the ideas shared at the roundtable into three specific calls to Government:

  • Increase the level of funding for tinnitus research to 1% of the budget for treating tinnitus - an investment of £7.5m per year
  • Build a long-term infrastructure to ensure there is capacity to deliver the quality and volume of work needed to achieve real progress
  • Prioritise studies that will help establish the key foundational knowledge for tinnitus so that the research community can move forward to find cures

Raising awareness

The Manifesto attracted the attention of media including The Times, Daily Mail, ITV News and The Independent, led to 116,000+ people signing our petition for more funding and generated the first ever debate on tinnitus in the House of Lords.

Sir John Hayes MP at Tinnitus RoundtablePolitical support

Since then we’ve been working with Sir John Hayes MP - who kindly sponsored the Tinnitus Roundtable - to keep this issue on the political agenda. In late-July, Sir John, who is passionate about our shared mission, had a hugely productive meeting with Lord Bethell, the Under Secretary of State at the Department of Health and Social Care. In that meeting, Lord Bethell agreed that he is open to the possibility of providing further support to the research community to address the priorities for tinnitus research.

Engaging the research community

Since the roundtable we have had 18 exciting new submissions for tinnitus research but without an increase in funding, sadly, the vast majority of these won’t happen. That’s why change is so badly needed.

Thank you!

The support of the tinnitus community continues to be extremely valuable in helping us to move forward with our mission to increase funding for tinnitus research so that we can one day soon find cures for the condition - thank you again for your ongoing support.