A gift in your Will

Gifts in Wills pay for around half of the work we do to help people with tinnitus. The majority of the research projects we have commissioned this year would not be possible without kind donations made in Wills. Read more

Boreham Wood Tinnitus Support Group

A volunteer-run group for people with tinnitus in the Boreham Wood area. Read more

Introduction to tinnitus treatments

This page lists a number of treatments and gives our verdict on them. If you click on the treatment name, you can see the decision making tool we used to come to that verdict. Read more

Tinnitus and acupuncture

This page gives information about acupuncture, which is a treatment often suggested for tinnitus. Read more

Join as a member

Joining the BTA means you become part of a mutually supportive community. Read more

UK-wide volunteering

Find out about our volunteering opportunities across Britain, what's involved and how to apply. Read more

Step Challenge

Get sponsored for every step and walk towards a healthier you and a better future for people living with tinnitus. Read more

Aged Veterans Project - Update Nov 2018

Georgie Burns-O'Connell gives an update on the project, and explains how you can help. Read more


Our Tea for Tinnitus fundraisers...Tea Tally, Tea Party and Tea Type! Read more

The Tinnitus E-Programme

Find out more about our corporate member The Tinnitus E-Programme Read more