Amy’s brave tinnitus battle

Amy McLaughlin, from Midlothian, is 11 and was diagnosed with tinnitus at just eight years old. Here, her mum Angela Marshall, explains the impact living with tinnitus has had on Amy, and their family life.Read more

Developing a tool to measure tinnitus in children

Harriet Smith, a BTA-funded PhD student at the NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre, explains more about tinnitus in children and how her study hopes to help with future diagnosis and treatments.Read more

Drummer Mike Joyce supports Tinnitus Week 2018

Best known as the drummer in the infamous rock band, the Smiths, Mike Joyce also lives with tinnitus. Here, he publically lends his support to Tinnitus Week 2018 and urges others to get involved.Read more

It’s time to talk about Tinnitus in children

Veronica Kennedy, Audiovestibular Physician specialising in children’s hearing disorders is passionate about supporting Tinnitus Week. Read why, here.Read more

Let’s work together to help young people with tinnitus

In this guest blog, Dr Sarah Jarvis – GP and clinical director for – lends her support to Tinnitus Week and speaks out about the importance of raising awareness of how tinnitus impacts on children and young people.Read more

My life with Tinnitus

Please read this blog, written by 12 year old Isabel, about her experience of tinnitus.Read more