EMDR as a treatment for tinnitus

John Phillips, Sally Erskine and a team from the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital recently published their research study about eye movement desensitization and reprocessing as a possible treatment for tinnitus. Read more

Veterans, tinnitus and research: a scoping review

This is a poster presented at the British Academy of Audiology Conference giving the findings of a scoping review of the research conducted into veterans and tinnitus. Read more

Aged veterans with tinnitus: study protocol

This is a poster presented at the British Tinnitus Association Conference which summarises the study protocol for the Aged Veterans with Tinnitus project Read more

Mobile apps for management of tinnitus

Dr Magdalena Sereda, BTA Head of Research, recently published her paper about mobile apps for management of tinnitus which provides information for future research into apps and sound enrichment. Read more

BTA Head of Research

Dr Magdalena Sereda formally started in post as Head of Research in July 2015 and is based at the University of Nottingham. Read more

Understanding children's experience of tinnitus

A BTA funded study is looking at the experiences of children with tinnitus. We'd like your help. Harriet Smith explains... Read more

The use of the Cortisol Awakening Response as a biomarker of distress in people with tinnitus

Dr James Jackson of Leeds Trinity University is testing the hypothesis that tinnitus sufferers secrete less cortisol than normal, in line with sufferers of conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome and depression. Read more

Volunteers needed for tinnitus and insomnia study

Volunteers are needed for a BTA supported study into tinnitus and insomnia Read more

Tinnitus services in the United Kingdom: a survey of patient experiences

Based on a survey conducted by the BTA, this paper looks at tinnitus services from the patient point of view. Read more

Volunteers needed for music listening study

Researchers are looking for android smartphone users to take part in a study exploring music listening habits and its relationship to hearing problems. Read more

Mindfulness Behavioural Cognitive Therapy study

Dr McKenna and Dr Marks’ project is a clinical study to assess Mindfulness Behavioural Cognitive Therapy in reducing distress for clinical patients. Read more

An economic evaluation of the cost of tinnitus management in the UK

The cost of tinnitus revealed by BTA study Read more

Incorporating the patient's voice in determining tinnitus treatment measurements

Adele Horobin from the University of Nottingham worked to give tinnitus patients a voice in deciding what the 'core outcome set' should be for tinnitus research. Read more

Young people's attitudes to loud music

Looking at the barriers and enablers, attitudes and beliefs that underlie young adults’ behaviour with respect to noise Read more

Tinnitus, hyperacusis and anxiety in children

Dr Sam Lear at Sheffield Children’s Hospital is undertaking a study to find out whether levels of anxiety in children are higher for those with more severe tinnitus, and to compare anxiety in children with and without hyperacusis. Read more

PhD studentship at the University of Nottingham

PhD student Lucy Handscomb is working at the University of Nottingham to assess and test a new model of support to deal with the emotional consequences of tinnitus. Read more

Identifying and targeting possible tinnitus genes

Dr Martine Hamann at the University of Leicester is working to identify a possible tinnitus gene using microRNAs Read more