"I feel much more in control and so happy to be out the other side"

It’s hard to understand how someone can go from being a care-free, loving grandmother to a desperate and anxious woman within just 10 weeks. But that’s the reality for Joy Lunn, from Chesterfield, who, after suddenly developing the debilitating ear condition tinnitus, became a shadow of her former self.Read more

"It slowly just started to take over my life"

Emma Walker (41), a mother of two small children who lives in west London, has been battling with tinnitus for the last six months.Read more

"It’s not evident to people what's going on inside my head"

For Lynnette Morley-Norris (59) who lives with her husband in Deal, Kent her tinnitus symptoms started 14 years ago as a mild intrusion in her life. But in the last three years the condition worsened into both ears as a loud high pitched hissing sound that on most days is quite overwhelming.Read more

"The more knowledge you have the better prepared you are to deal with it.”

Imagine walking up in hospital with severe injuries but having absolutely no recollection of what happened and why you are there. That is exactly what happened to Sheffield man, Ian Foster, who suffered a mysterious incident which left him with a brain injury and a daily battle with tinnitus.Read more

“A few years ago I was at my wits end and now I can see a bright future ahead"

Tim Lye, aged 41, has had mild tinnitus in his right ear since he was at university. He coped with the ringing in his ear for many years until 2007 when it suddenly got worse. He tells his story here.Read more

“It just goes to show what a difference that initial GP encounter can make"

Father and daughter, Tom Dawson (62) and Sinead Coveney (42) from Dover have both had tinnitus for as long they can remember and learnt to live with it as best they can. But it hasn’t been an easy journey for either of them.Read more