Tinnitus and ear candles

This page discusses ear candling, which practitioners claim can be used to treat tinnitus. Read more

Supporting someone with tinnitus

Friends and family of a person with tinnitus can be a great help and source of support. Read more

Taming tinnitus

Whilst there is currently no known ‘cure’ for tinnitus, there are a range of strategies that can help to minimise the intrusiveness of the noises. People can and do manage the impact that tinnitus has on their lives. Here are some ideas. Read more

Tinnitus and sleep disturbance

Sleep disturbance affects most of us at some stage of our lives. Find out more about sleep and how it can sometimes go wrong. Read more

Complementary therapies & remedies for tinnitus - an opinion

Do complementary therapies have any value in managing tinnitus? Read more

The lowdown on tinnitus support groups

Colette Bunker talks to support group leaders and attendees to reveal what goes on at meetings Read more

Mobile apps for management of tinnitus

Dr Magdalena Sereda, BTA Head of Research, recently published her paper about mobile apps for management of tinnitus which provides information for future research into apps and sound enrichment. Read more

Tinnitus - is there a natural cure?

While there is no cure for tinnitus there are a number of natural drug-free remedies that can provide some relief. Catherine Hall suggests four treatment methods to try. Read more

Home tinnitus treatments to try for ringing in the ears

Whilst there is no cure, there are a number of at home remedies to try to lessen ringing in the ears. Read our top tips from Catherine Hall. Read more

Sources of mutual support for tinnitus

Many people say they benefit from being in touch with other people with tinnitus. Tinnitus can be an isolating and lonely condition - by getting in touch with other people with tinnitus, it can be made less so. Read more

2017 ATRR: Internet-based treatments for tinnitus

The internet is a phenomenal platform for health information, research, rehabilitation programmes, and self-management programmes. Derek Hoare explores the latest research in this field. Read more

Take on Tinnitus

Our online resource 'Take on Tinnitus' has been designed for people who have just begun to experience tinnitus. Equally we are finding that those who have experienced tinnitus longer term are finding it really helpful. Read more

"I feel much more in control and so happy to be out the other side"

It’s hard to understand how someone can go from being a care-free, loving grandmother to a desperate and anxious woman within just 10 weeks. But that’s the reality for Joy Lunn, from Chesterfield, who, after suddenly developing the debilitating ear condition tinnitus, became a shadow of her former self. Read more

Self help for tinnitus

Here are some simple things to do which may help you lessen the intrusiveness of your tinnitus and improve your quality of life. Read more