Taming tinnitus

Whilst there is currently no known ‘cure’ for tinnitus, there are a range of strategies that can help to minimise the intrusiveness of the noises. People can and do manage the impact that tinnitus has on their lives. Here are some ideas. Read more

Tinnitus and stress

Find out more about what stress is, how stress may affect tinnitus (and vice versa) and how stress can be managed. Read more

Ideas for relaxation without sound

It can sometimes be difficult to find something that works for you to manage your tinnitus, but relaxation is often a good place to start. These ideas do not depend on being able to hear. Read more

The use of the Cortisol Awakening Response as a biomarker of distress in people with tinnitus

Dr James Jackson of Leeds Trinity University is testing the hypothesis that tinnitus sufferers secrete less cortisol than normal, in line with sufferers of conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome and depression. Read more


We'd encourage you to look more deeply into relaxation, to take a real interest in relaxation and to understand how it can help you if you have tinnitus. Stress is often linked to tinnitus and relaxation is well known as being helpful in relieving stress. Read more

2018 ATRR: Why and how does emotional stress affect tinnitus?

Dr Agnieszka Szczepek reviews the latest publication on tinnitus and emotional stress Read more