Gifts in Wills pay for around half of the work we do to help people with tinnitus. None of the research projects we have commissioned this year would be possible without kind donations made in wills.

When you are writing your will, it is of course important to consider your family and friends first, but if you feel able to leave something to the British Tinnitus Association once you have made provision for them, you can be assured that you will be leaving a long-term legacy to offer hope and support to people with tinnitus now and in the future.

You can choose to leave a residuary gift (a proportion of the remainder of your estate once other gifts and payments have been made) or a pecuniary gift (a fixed sum of money).

If you are interested in leaving a gift to the British Tinnitus Association, we have lots of information to help you. Please use the links here to find out more, or contact us on 0114 250 9933 or  if you have any specific questions and we will be delighted to answer them.

We strongly recommend you use a solicitor to help you make your will, to ensure that it is legally valid and your wishes will be carried out exactly as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Suggested wording for leaving a gift in your will to the BTA 

Codicil wording for amending existing gifts 

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