Tinnitus Week is taking place from 5-11 February

The aim of the week is to raise awareness of the condition, which affects approximately 1 in 10 of the population.

Raising awareness together

For the first time, the international tinnitus community will join forces to shine a light on the condition, targeting as many people as possible in order to raise awareness of how tinnitus impacts on the lives of those living with it.

This year, alongside the Tinnitus Research Initiative, Tinnitus Hub and the American Tinnitus Association, we are giving Tinnitus Week a real international boost.  A new website has been set up, as a central resource collecting all the initiatives which will be taking place in 2018.

This website can be found at www.tinnitusweek.com.

We've been encouraging organisations, from across the world, who deal with tinnitus and other hearing related issues such as hyperacusis and hearing loss, to work together to raise awareness of tinnitus during Tinnitus Week.

As such we’re hoping a large variety of activities will take place during the week across the globe, including local events, tinnitus information days, media interviews, science communication activities and much more. 

If you will be doing anything during Tinnitus Week to help boost tinnitus awareness, please email [email protected] with the details and if suitable, these will be added to the Tinnitus Week site.

BTA plans

Here at the British Tinnitus Association, our campaign for the week will focus on children and young people.

The ‘Kids Talk Tinnitus’ campaign will engage with children, parents and schools to raise awareness of tinnitus amongst young people and drive the use of relevant support and resources.

Watch this space…

As Tinnitus Week approaches, we’ll be revealing more ways to get involved with our campaign, so watch this space and remember, the more people we can get talking about tinnitus, the more awareness we can generate to help improve the lives of those living with the condition.

If you use social media, please look out for us at @BritishTinnitus on Twitter and BritishTinnitusAsscociation on Facebook and please do use the hashtag #TinnitusWeek

And finally...

You can find out how to get involved here.

Download material to use on social media and to display locally here.

Find out more about events here.

Blogs will appear here during Tinnitus Week.