For Tinnitus Week 2020, 3 - 9 February, we focused on tinnitus research.

Without research, we won’t find a cure for tinnitus, so during Tinnitus Week, we began campaigning for the Government to make an investment in tinnitus research a priority. 

Research has, and always will be, a key priority for us at the BTA. It is, of course, important that we balance research priorities with supporting the thousands of people who contact us each year for advice, but research is something that is never far from our thoughts and actions. It’s something we are all very passionate about and are pushing for.

The BTA has a strong voice, but we need to get that voice heard in the right places. We want to get tinnitus research higher up on the political agenda for every single person with the condition.

Keeping up momentum

Although Tinnitus Week is over, you can still help us and also inform yourselves in the following ways: