About Advanced Communication Solutions Ltd

ACS have over 20 years’ experience specialising in custom made hearing protection, in-ear monitoring, and communication products. They now operate in over 24 countries worldwide. With a growing profile amongst musicians and audiophiles they have continued to develop in-ear monitors, introducing a new range of monitors aiming to provide excellent fit and sound for all. Consumer and pro audio specific models aim to better meet the needs and desires of our customers.

The ACS range of hearing protection ear plugs cover a wide range of users from musicians, gig goers and clubbers, to the industrial, military and motorsport sectors.

They aim to continually develop product ranges recognising that every customers need is unique. 

Why Advanced Communication Solutions Ltd are supporting the BTA

"For over 20 years ACS has been dedicated to raising awareness about hearing conservation and damage, especially Tinnitus. ACS fully supports the BTA’s mission and campaign events, including Plug’em, as Music Induced Tinnitus can be prevented by using high quality hearing protection (earplugs). ACS is proud to supply such products to the BTA and help towards a world where no one suffers from Tinnitus. "

Summary of services

  • In-ear monitors, perfect for both musicians and music lovers.
  • Communication products which allow you to stay in touch in noisy environments.

Corporate member since


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