Lynette's Christmas Wish 

My name is Lynette and I know Christmas can be a difficult time for many. For those living with tinnitus it can be a time of isolation, stress, and anxiety. I wanted to share my tinnitus story with you and let you know how the BTA were there to support me when I needed it most.

My story

Christmas 2020 was a particularly turbulent and traumatic time for me, my tinnitus had heightened to a point where I’d not slept for three nights solid. I went to work one day, and I didn’t know who or where I was. I just felt like I was at crisis point and having a nervous breakdown.

It was only then that I realised I needed additional support from all the professionals that had helped me when I was first diagnosed with tinnitus and hearing loss. Particularly the BTA because they are the professionals in dealing with this and the unknowns associated with tinnitus. They were really helpful and supportive.

Donate today

How the BTA supported me

The hospital signposted me to the BTA website. Their website has lots of information and I became a member straight after. I then called the helpline for advice and after the call registered with one of the BTA support groups. I attended monthly support group sessions and thought ‘I’m not on my own’. At that moment I felt very well supported.

The BTA are here for you

The BTA’s helpline services are available over the Christmas period. Their telephone helpline, web chat, email, and SMS text service are solely dedicated to supporting people with tinnitus when they need that support most. At a time of year when tinnitus can make people feel a sense of isolation these helpline services are vital. Please help the BTA to be there at Christmas, and all year round, by donating today.

How you can help

Please donate today to make sure the BTA can support more people like me. I know what a difference the BTA made to my life and how I manage my tinnitus. Help them to be there for people with tinnitus over Christmas and help them feel less isolated. This is my Christmas wish.

Thank you

P.S. The BTA receive no money directly from the government, so your donation this Christmas really will make a huge difference to people living with tinnitus.