All of our work is paid for by the generosity of members and supporters like you.

We receive no money from the government, so we are 100% reliant on the generosity and support of members of the public and grant-making organisations to be able to support people with tinnitus across the UK.

In 2015/16, donations enabled us to:

  • Invest more than £576,000 in research projects to find out new management techniques for tinnitus, and lead to an eventual cure
  • Answer 4,265 Freephone helpline calls and 1,263 emails from members of the public needing support with their tinnitus, or wanting to help a friend or relative
  • Support 74 active local Tinnitus Support Groups around the country
  • Run 2 free Information Days, talking directly to 300 members of the public about tinnitus, the latest research and how to help manage the condition
  • Launch an awareness-raising campaign ‘Plug’em’ aimed at preventing tinnitus in young people
  • Attend 21 community events around the country, increasing awareness of tinnitus and the BTA

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