Urgent Appeal

The increase in calls to our helpline during the pandemic means we desperately need more Tinnitus Support Advisers

We have all faced challenges during the pandemic. For people living with tinnitus, isolation and reduced access to health services have led to a huge increase in calls to our tinnitus helpline for support. This surge in calls will not go away anytime soon with tinnitus now being recognised as an effect of long Covid.

As the number of people accessing support from us rises, you can make sure we answer those calls. Please donate today to make sure a Tinnitus Support Adviser will be able to offer support, reassurance, and information to people struggling to cope with tinnitus. 

We need your help to support more people. More people like Christina.

Christina’s story

The ringing in my ear was all I could hear. It controlled me and I lost weight, became extremely anxious and withdrawn. I was a different person. I spoke to 8 or 9 doctors initially, who were all very quick to dismiss me, which made it worse as I just felt like a burden. I couldn't cope. I called the BTA helpline during a panic attack, the lady that I spoke to was lovely and gave me lots of helpful information.

Why our helpline services are vital

Our helpline services include our telephone helpline, web chat, email, and text service. Our helpline is solely dedicated to supporting people with tinnitus when they need that support most. Please donate today.

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