About the study

Two studies are investigating a new iCBT smartphone application that has been developed by Fabrice Brady, the Co-Founder at Hearing Power and Dr James Jackson, at Leeds Trinity University, to help reduce tinnitus related distress.

These studies have been made possible by the Global Connections Fund Bridging Grant from the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering.

These studies have been approved by the relevant ethics panel at Leeds Trinity University. 

The research team will be offering participants £10 to be randomly allocated to one of three groups, to interact with the applicable iCBT app for a period of 8 weeks (or not, should they be allocated to the control group) and to participate in two surveys to assess their effectiveness.

The second study provides an additional opportunity for participants who are willing to take part in telephone interviews to discuss their experience with either chatbot, for which they will receive an extra £10 reimbursement.

Those who do participate, are free to withdraw their participation at any point, and their data will be completely removed from the study.

For further information: 

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Sophie Clark - [email protected]

Grace Lewis - [email protected]

Dr James Jackson - [email protected]

Updated 9 July 2020