Hear your mobile calls better with Audacious

We're working in partnership with Audacious to bring clearer mobile calls to people with hearing loss. Plans start from just £5 per month with inclusive texts and minutes. For every SIM purchased Audacious will make a minimum donation of £5 to the British Tinnitus Association.*


If you'd like to speak to someone at Audacious about how it works, please call their support team on

0333 016 6501

How it works

Audacious have created a world first technology that personalises your mobile calls to suit your hearing. Watch the video to see for yourself how it can improve your call quality based on your personal hearing profile.

When sound travels over a standard mobile network, it is compressed and it loses some of its definition, making it harder to hear the person you’re talking to. With Audacious, the frequencies that you struggle to hear are adjusted to meet your hearing needs.

The Audacious mobile service uses similar technology to a hearing aid and applies this to their mobile network. The benefits of using hearing aids are known to help reduce the effects of tinnitus, by amplifying external noise, and aiding tinnitus sounds to fade into the background.

There’s no need to change your mobile phone, just your SIM. When you join Audacious, their online Sound Check measures how you hear on your mobile phone and builds your personal hearing profile, which then adapts every call you make to suit your hearing - so it’s easier to hear the person you're talking to, every time you have a call.

The benefits

With Audacious can enjoy everything you do with your current mobile service – minutes, data, and texts – with clearer calls, too. 

  • Clearer mobile calls anywhere, anytime
  • 9/10 people experience clearer mobile phone calls**
  • Keep your current mobile or use any phone you like
  • Powered by the UK’s biggest 4G mobile network
  • You can use the service with or without hearing aids – whatever works best for you
  • 1 month rolling contract
  • 28-day money-back guarantee


If you'd like to speak to someone at Audacious about how it works, please call their support team on 0333 016 6501.

Product testimonial


Winners of Best Newcomer of the Year, and joint winners of the Telecom Innovation Award at the Uswitch Broadband and Mobile Awards 2020.

* For those customers retaining their contract after the 28 day trial.

** Results taken from the Audacious clinical trial report Evaluation of a system for enhancing mobile telephone communication for people with hearing loss