About Audacious Mobile Ltd.

Audacious is a new kind of mobile service provider and the world’s first mobile network created for people with hearing loss. Their mission is "to deliver clearer mobile calls to people, empowering everyone to be part of the conversation." The company was founded by Matthew Turner, who was born deaf as a result of a childhood illness.  His struggle to hear his children on the phone drove him to find a solution.

After 12 years of research and clinical trials, and with the help of leading hearing scientists, the Clear Call technology was created. The service works by storing your personal hearing profile in the network, allowing the technology to clarify mobile calls based on the way you hear, making clearer mobile calls possible for millions of people with hearing loss across the UK.

They have recently become winners of Best Newcomer of the Year, and joint winners of the Telecom Innovation Award at the Uswitch Broadband and Mobile Awards 2020.

Why Audacious Mobile Ltd. are supporting the BTA

“Our aim is to help everyone be part of the conversation and we know to do that might require additional expert knowledge and support from our partners.  We want to work closely with organisations like BTA that support people with hearing loss and hearing conditions. Customer feedback so far has shown that our service can support the hearing needs of people with tinnitus and with our online account, users can manage their hearing profile and adapt their service at any time to be flexible to their changing hearing needs.  Through our partnership with BTA and their fantastic range of support services, our team benefit from up to date training and knowledge of Tinnitus, enabling us to better understand and support our customer needs.” 

Summary of services

  • UK’s only medically approved mobile phone service (EU Class1 Medical device certification).
  • One month rolling contracts with tariffs to suit a range of needs.
  • SIM cards that work in any handset.
  • 5-minute, online, Sound Check that measures your hearing over the phone.
  • Clear Call technology that adapts every mobile call to your hearing using your personal hearing profile.
  • Hearing awareness trained Help Team based in the UK.

Exclusive offers for BTA supporters

Audacious Mobile are working in partnership with the BTA to bring clearer mobile calls to people with hearing loss. For every SIM purchased Audacious will make a minimum donation of £5 to the British Tinnitus Association. For more information visit https://www.tinnitus.org.uk/audacious

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