About Audify

Audify is an independent audiology practice based in Exeter. Whilst they may be best known for their progressive person-centred approach, cutting-edge technology and creative solutions, they also happen to have been providing hearing healthcare services in Devon for over 95 years.

Why Audify are supporting the BTA

"The BTA continues to distinguish itself year on year as a reliable source of information and support concerning tinnitus and hyperacusis, both for individuals and professionals alike. We believe that the BTA’s focus on identifying outstanding research questions, their commitment to finding (and funding) new answers and treatments, their genuine desire to see their work makes a difference, and their quest to mobilise the profession, provides the leadership and much-needed voice for those who experience tinnitus."

Summary of services

  • Hearing assessments
  • Wax removal
  • Tinnitus Adaptation, Management and Easement (T.A.M.E.)
  • Hearing technology (including audifiers and traditional hearing aids)
  • Hearing protection and Ear Plugs

Corporate member since


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