About Aurio LTD

Aurio is a mobile app, currently built in iOS Apple App store, that aims to alleviate the symptoms of Tinnitus. An android version will be developed for future rollout later in the year. Aurio uses masking sounds that can be mixed together and volume adjusted for the hard of hearing, and can be played with or without music. You can save in the app your personal blend of masker and music, and save multiple versions to suit different times of day.

The Aurio developer has tinnitus herself and will be posting her own Tinnitus journey on the website; www.aurio.life, so others experiencing the condition can follow the blog and feel less isolated.

Why Aurio LTD are supporting the BTA

"We support the BTA because we believe they are the respected voice of tinnitus sufferers in the UK and a driving force in ensuring that research is ongoing and funded. The BTA supports research, with the aim that a cure for tinnitus will eventually be found."

Summary of services

  • An app which uses sound therapy to help alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus.
  • Currently available via Apple devices and currently being developed for Android.

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