About the group

Firstly we are concerned that our group should offer some practical support to people with tinnitus. For this purpose we send a bi-monthly newsletter to all our members, providing the latest news about tinnitus support and research plus local stories. We also have telephone information and a support service for our members.

Meetings are open to anyone with tinnitus and you are welcome to bring a friend or family member. You do not have to be a member of the group.

This is also a BTA Gold Standard Tinnitus Support Group

Where the group meets

Due to Covid restrictions, the group is currently meeting online

When the group meets

2021 Meetings

Zoom sessions
  • Second Wednesday of the month, 11 am - 12 noon
  • Last Wednesday of the month, 7 - 8pm
Everyone is welcome to join  and the details of the Meeting ID and Passcode are on our website at tinnitusbham.org.uk or you can contact John on [email protected] if there is any query.

How to find out more

Contact John Carnie on 01789 290985 or email [email protected]

Additional information


Aims of our group
  • To give all tinnitus sufferers in Birmingham and the surrounding areas access to up-to-date information through meetings, newsletters and support literature
  • To offer anyone troubled by tinnitus the chance to meet other sufferers in a supportive environment
  • To provide opportunities for members to share ideas about coping with tinnitus
  • To support tinnitus research and work towards improvement of services available to tinnitus sufferers
What we provide
  • Useful information and self-help papers on our website
  • Access to practical support via Email or telephone
  • Counselling and information service
  • Monthly support sessions
  • A regular newsletter sent free of charge to all members