We are delighted to be celebrating the incredible milestone of reaching 100 Tinnitus Support Groups later in June. This landmark has fallen during June when we are also running our big Fundraiser Tea for Tinnitus, which has made the month a really big tinnitus awareness raiser.

Throughout June we will be highlighting parties, groups meetings and celebrations both on our website and on our social media streams. So please do check our News section for details, and keep an eye on our social media streams.

We want to thank all the tinnitus support groups for the help, advice and support they give to their members. We really couldn't reach as many people without this dedicated support.

100 Tinnitus Support Groups

If you are celebrating 100 Tinnitus groups this month, please do let us know. You can email [email protected] with a photo of your meeting or party, and do upload any photos to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts tagging us in where possible. Make sure you use the hashtag #100TinnitusGroups and we will do our best to share as many as possible this month.

Tea for Tinnitus

If you are having a Tea for Tinnitus party, again, please send us your photos and details so we can highlight them where possible. These can be sent to [email protected] and uploaded to social media streams using the hashtag #T4Tinnitus. For more information about how to hold a Tea for Tinnitus party and to sign up for a free pack, please go to www.tinnitus.org.uk/about-tea-for-tinnitus

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