Ade Osoba is taking on the Prudential Ride London 100 miles cycle challenge to raise money for the BTA. Here's his story about why he's taking part:

"About 4 years ago I was sitting at home when out of the blue I started to hear a high pitched ringing in my right ear. I thought nothing of it as had this before. Usually after a loud concert. However, it got louder and louder and began to fill my whole head. I couldn't sleep that night, nor the next and was absolutely exhausted.

On going to my GP I was told that it was 'tinnitus' and that it would probably go away. However, the ringing then started in the left ear. It was even louder, higher pitched and the sounds became distorted. I was referred for a brain scan and they found that I had scarring on my brain. They had no idea why my brain was distorting and producing these sounds.

I can only liken the sound to the high pitched squealing that you occasionally hear coming from the trains on the Underground. Only for me it is 24/7. I find it near impossible to hear in busy environments as all the sounds merge and mingle. In a quiet environment my brain will fill the space with a whole range of noises and weird sounds. Days can be torturous and nights can be hell.

Simple pleasures like reading a book in the garden are no longer part of my world. I was so lucky to be surrounded by greats friends and family. I enjoy coaching rugby and everyone, coaches and parents, have been fantastic. My colleagues at work have also been great and cheer me up no end.

There is no cure for it but the British Tinnitus Association is working hard to fund research and to provide much needed support. They were of great help to me at a very low time in my life.

They provide support to many people and need your help. I am going to do the Prudential 100 miles cycle ride. I am the 'MAMIL!!...Middle Aged Man In Lycra'.

Please give even a small donation to this wonderful charity. This is a hidden condition that affects millions of people.

I was so lucky to be surrounded by great friends and family. I really appreciate all your support and thank you on behalf of the British Tinnitus Association."

To sponsor Ade, please click through to his Virgin Money Giving page HERE