The BTA had a very successful evening at the 2017 BMA Patient Information Awards, winning First Prize in the Information for Children category, and Runner Up in the Easy Read category. 

Written by myself and illustrated by Kate Smith, with audiological input from Dr Veronica Kennedy, the winning children’s information comprised a workbook for young people aged 11-16 with tinnitus, enabling them to come up with a management plan for coping with tinnitus at home and at school.

Tinnitus in children is surprisingly common - a recent study showed that one child in 30 has clinically significant tinnitus. Whilst many children with tinnitus cope with the condition very well, some find it difficult to deal with this leaflet – along with our two for other age groups – enable children to take control over their noises and learn to manage their tinnitus well.

These leaflets have been incredibly popular with paediatric audiologists and the young people they see and it’s fantastic to have won such a prestigious award. 

The successful Easy Read leaflet, based on the BTA “Self help for tinnitus” leaflet written by Beth-Anne Culhane and produced in conjunction with specialists in Easy Read information Change People, was described by the judges as “a carefully thought out work tool designed to change people’s lives.”

The prevalence of hearing loss in people with a learning disability is up to 40% and this often goes un- or misdiagnosed. Hearing loss is the biggest causal factor in tinnitus. Up to 80% of people with tinnitus have a hearing loss. People with a learning disability struggling with their tinnitus are even more disadvantaged by the lack of information targeted at them to help them understand and cope. One support worker for a person with a learning disability told us their client’s GP believed that they had a mental illness, not tinnitus. This story really inspired us to produce our series of Easy Read leaflets.

It is wonderful to have this recognition of our work, and more importantly to be able to provide information to a disadvantaged group that can really make a difference to the quality of their lives.

These leaflets are available free of charge and can be ordered by contacting us on 0114 250 9933 or [email protected]

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