A recent study from D.Gunjawate and R.Ravi of Kasturba Medical College, India carried out a systematic review of the effect of yoga and meditation on tinnitus. Here we summarise what the research found.

Why was this research done?

People living with tinnitus are often advised that relaxation techniques can help them to manage their tinnitus. In particular, yoga and meditation are said to be helpful active relaxation techniques for some people who have tinnitus. Therefore, the research has looked into studies which explored whether yoga and meditation could help people to manage their tinnitus.

What did they find out?

There were five studies included in this review. Three out of four of the studies that included yoga concluded that yoga had a positive effect on those living with tinnitus. Some of the positives of practicing yoga or meditation which were highlighted included a decrease in the severity of tinnitus, a decline in stress, anxiety and irritability associated with tinnitus, and an improvement in quality of life.

What does this mean for tinnitus treatment?

Yoga and meditation, in addition to usual audiological healthcare, is a suggested way to manage living well with tinnitus. More research with improved ways of investigating is recommended for more understanding about the benefits of yoga and meditation and the way it can be used in the treatment for those living with tinnitus. 

Photo by Amauri Mejía on Unsplash.