We're delighted to announce that - after a lot of hard work from our fundraising team - we are one of 20 organisations to receive a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund for transitioning to be fit for the future.

We will receive £100,000 in the first year and a yet to be agreed further two years of funding that will allow us to review and redesign our offer to the 7.1 million people in the UK with tinnitus. The funding will allow us to move towards being a more responsive and adaptive organisation, that better meets users’ needs, as well as recognising how the world around us is continually changing. The grant will also give us access to tailored digital and organisational support from an industry expert to help with starting the journey of organisational change and transition.

Our grant comes as part of the second round of the Digital Fund which sees £8.6 million shared between organisations including Samaritans, Refugee Action, Cruse Bereavement Care and Parkinson’s UK.

We’re a relatively small charity, with huge potential scope, and the grant from the National Lottery Community Fund will give us the funds and expertise to ensure that we’re meeting the demand for support from the tinnitus community in the best way possible.

The grant will allow us to embed key changes to the way that our services are accessed and used in order to meet modern expectations, reach more people, better serve people living with tinnitus across the UK, and ensure we can continue to adapt in the future.