Phil Maull will be running the Bournemouth Marathon on Sunday 6 October, making it his third marathon in less than a year!! Here's the story of how his running journey started:

"Like most middle age men, I found myself growing sideways more than upwards and realised in 2014 I needed to do something about it. I would go for short jogs whilst my son was at football training. A chap at the end of our road bumped into me and said I should give Parkrun a go.

I had never heard of it before and so went to the website printed of my bar code and popped along on a warm September Saturday morning. I was shattered afterwards but so pleased I had made it round (with some walking too). The great camaraderie at Folkestone Parkrun made me come back week after week and I slowly improved. I started to go out for a couple of midweek runs too and this really helped.

I became a Run Director at Folkestone Parkrun to give something back. I share this role with six other volunteers and we help run the event too and we take it in turns. I then did some half marathons and joined my local Folkestone running club which had really helped guide me in my running and move up to the marathon distances."

Phil's reason for fundraising

"I wanted to do the Amsterdam Marathon and knew that my Mum suffers from tinnitus quite badly which has a debilitating affect on everyday life for her. She carries on stoically even though she has ringing in one ear and drilling sounds in the other. I honestly don't know how she copes, but she has always been there for me and raising some money for the British Tinnitus Association seemed like a great idea!

Through all my 23 half marathons my Mum and Dad watched every one - not easy when approaching 80 out in the wind and cold. I am hoping that in years to come effective treatments will be available to combat tinnitus completely and hope my small contribution can help move things along for both my mum and all sufferers.

I completed the Amsterdam Marathon last October and entered the Brighton Marathon three days later! I must be a little mad! I was amazed to find that I had raised around £700 so far for the BTA which I was over the moon about so I am hoping to push that over the £1000 mark when I complete the Bournemouth Marathon in early October. That will be three marathons in a year which I can't believe."

If you'd like to sponsor Phil and help him reach his £1000 target please click here: Phil's fundraising page

Good luck Phil - we're all behind you!