Kai Barlow, from Manchester, is showing his support for the tinnitus community by organising a fundraving event to raise awareness and vital funds. He has written his own blog to provide information about the event. 

What we are doing:

On 23 July we are hosting a fundraising rave (fundrave event) in order to give back to and help out with a charity that is very close to the people in the nightclub and music industry. The BTA.  

It will be a live DJ event at the very famous club Stage and Radio in the northern quarter from 10pm until 4am. The DJs playing will be from famous collectives that are keeping underground electronic music thriving in Manchester and give so much to the scene. Such as Kultura Collective, Mixing Mates, Noire State, and the legendary Tom2Trax.

All the ticket proceeds will go to towards funding the BTA and their amazing efforts. We also have a just giving page that you can donate money to if you can't attend or want to donate more. 

On the night, expect underground electronic music, UKG, breaks, techno and acid house. Some will also be playing some very rare vinyl records so expect to be blown away by the music!

What we hope to achieve:

We hope to raise as much funds for the BTA as possible and more importantly, give young people especially a better understanding of Tinnitus and how it can affect your life. The more people that understand this condition, the better off our future generation’s ears will be.

Why this is important:

Since covid restrictions have been lifted, live music events and festivals have taken off to the moon. Glastonbury 2022 has been coined the ‘busiest Glastonbury to date’ and people are going to gigs more than ever before. Because of this, gigs have stepped it up a notch in terms of speakers and sound. More speakers and louder sound is now a common tool to allow more people into an event. However, this comes with a catch. Prolonged exposure to loud noises can really affect your ears and can do permanent damage. Tinnitus is a condition where individuals can hear sounds in the head and/or ear that is not caused by anything external. It can be a precursor to deafness and can really affect people’s mental health and their career prospects, especially if they work in music production and DJing.

Tinnitus is preventable and is much easier to prevent than to treat. One of the best ways to prevent tinnitus is to protect your ears and limit your time in areas with loud noises.

I know so many people who’ve been affected by this and it has changed their day-to-day life. Some people have even stopped going to gigs and stopped music production because of the constant ringing they have. Some have even developed chronic insomnia due to the ringing they hear when they go to bed.

This is why the BTA is so important, not only in the music industry, but to young people in general. As they are the future listeners, the future music producers. Healthy hearing should be a priority, the same way you keep your eyes and your mouth healthy.

You too can support Kai with his event, please help him by donating online and sharing his JustGiving page - he'd really appreciate your support.

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If you'd like to attend the event, the details are:

Date: 23 July 2022

Location: Stage & Radio

Address: 43 Port St, Manchester M1 2EQ

Ticket Price: £7 online or at the door


Useful information regarding tinnitus and music

Information for musicians

Being a musician can mean exposing your ears to loud noise. If this happens too often, you run the risk of getting tinnitus. But by taking precautions, you can greatly reduce the risk without having to give up doing what you love.

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Information for musicians

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Music to Your Ears report

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