We were delighted to welcome John Randel, Trustee of the Hospital Saturday Fund to our office here in Sheffield. Pictured here with David Stockdale, our Chief Executive, he presented a cheque for £5,000 toward our Tinnitus Support Services.

John Randel and David Stockdale holding card with text: "The Hospital Saturday Fund" and also "British Tinnitus Association" This year has seen demand for our services reach record levels, with many people referring to the stress of dealing with a pandemic. Stress and anxiety are known triggers for tinnitus. Tinnitus has also been recognised as a side effect of Covid-19 and long Covid. 

Our Tinnitus Support Services have been called “a lifeline” at a time when NHS services have been difficult to access or unavailable.

The donation will go towards funding our Helpline Advisers who manage our free confidential helpline, available to anyone needing support and advice when struggling with tinnitus. Our Advisers ensure the smooth running of the service and answer calls, respond to web chat and email and recruit and train helpline volunteers.

The team were delighted to have the chance to share their experiences with John.

We are extremely grateful for the Hospital Saturday Fund’s support, especially at this time when demand remains high and people continue to need to manage their tinnitus against the backdrop of a pandemic.