Living with tinnitus is no easy ride

Since there is currently no cure, anything you can to minimise it and improve your quality of life is worth putting effort and time into.    

Once you have found the best relaxation and stress-busting techniques, dedicating some time to these each day by building them into your weekly routine is key to maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle.

By adopting a routine of healthy habits you are able to keep in control of your wellbeing, keep stress levels to a minimum and improve your quality of life with tinnitus.

There are many techniques for relaxation and reducing stress and finding ones that work will vary from person to person. Here are just some of the healthy tinnitus habits you may want to consider building into your routine.

Healthy habits for tinnitus:

  • Meditation

  • Activities and hobbies

  • Diet

  • Exercise

  • Listening to music

  • Reading

Read more about these methods in our self help for tinnitus guide.

The hardest part of getting into a healthy tinnitus routine is building up the initial momentum, as with any routine once you’re over your first week it gets easier.

Keeping a routine is challenging, here are our top tips to ensuring you stick to it.

5 top tips to keep a healthy routine:

Write down your goals

Whether they be on a daily or weekly basis seeing them written down gives a clear structure in your head and increases the odds of success.  

Mark off your progress on a calendar

A visual representation of your progress and the motion of crossing off each successful day will help to keep you motivated.

Add some flexibility

Following the same general routine is ideal but there will always be times you need to be flexible, having this contingency in place will ease the pressure of a rigid lifestyle.  

Develop a support system

Share your goals and progress with friends and family, and also like-minded people in the tinnitus community. Building a support network can help sustain your success.

Try not to make excuses

Don't let one excuse get you out of the positive routine you have built, keeping consistent will reap benefits in the long run.

Rewiring Tinnitus have kindly developed a free tool to keep you and your routine on track.

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