Tea Tally...Tea Types...Tea Party!

What on earth are we talking about? BTA Fundraiser David Steele explains all.

"We've been asking people to hold tea parties during Tea for Tinnitus for a number of years, and whilst these have been successful, we wanted to allow supporters with a bit less time to get involved. New for 2019 we are launching our Tea Tally fundraiser - an activity where you can fundraise for the BTA at work or at home. 

Support our work in the world of tinnitus by making a donation for each cup you drink. Encourage your friends and colleagues to join in. Each time your have a cuppa (and that includes coffee!) mark the tally chart and at the end of the week calculate your donation total. To make life easier for the person making your tea we've created six tea types! Many people with tinnitus refer to it as their T - a sort of nickname for their tinnitus. We wanted to give people the opportunity to share their tea preference and raise awareness of their tinnitus. Hence the double meaning of the hashtag we are using, #MyT.

So, simply fill in your name, choose your tea type (mine's Beige Before Beauty!) and set your donation per cup. But remember, you can still hold a Tea Party - just let us know which activity works for you."

If you'd like to take part in a Tea Party, Tea Tally or share your Tea Types, please click here:


Alternatively call 0114 250 9933 or email [email protected] and speak to the fundraising team about your plans and to request a pack.