Linda Mitchell recently completed a tandem skydive to raise funds for the BTA and raise awareness of tinnitus. Here's her story:

"7th July 2018. The day I should have been celebrating my husband Glen's 60th birthday with him, but sadly he was driven to suicide by his tinnitus and hyperacusis 7 years ago. Instead I was bracing myself for a 15000ft tandem skydive in his memory! The climax of an exhausting emotionally draining four months of begging, pleading and appealing to the greater good of people to sponsor and support me in this hair brained venture to raise awareness to make sure nobody ever suffers the way Glen did and prevent any other deaths like his.

In a fitting tribute to his memory I was raising funds and awareness for British Tinnitus Association. I am determined that awareness of tinnitus and hyperacusis will be spread far and wide amongst patients and medical staff alike, and that everyone knows that although there is no cure there is a lot that can be done to help relieve the symptoms, there is support and advice, but most importantly my message is THERE IS HELP, THERE IS HOPE. 

I'm still not sure how I decided that throwing myself out of a plane was the best way to demonstrate this but none the less, as I was dangling from a stranger's harness at 15000ft on the day it did not matter. I have raised a tidy sum for BTA, got people talking about the conditions, had fantastic feedback on how the word is spreading and how many of the people that have read about this crazy stunt have bought earplugs for themselves now, so all in all I think I can say this was a success. I cannot thank my supporters and generous donators enough, I am so grateful and humbled by the response.

I would normally say onwards and upwards at this point, but on this day it could not have been further from that, downwards and downwards all the way and I will never forget it!!!

In loving memory of Glen Mitchell, 07/07/58 – 07/07/11"