Lynne Scafton, is one of the BTA's amazing volunteers. At the end of June, shes supporting us further by taking part in a Colour Run in Sheffield. Here's her story:

"I've been volunteering at the British Tinnitus Association for just over 2 years now on the helpline. They have helped me in so many ways I really could not say, from confidence to supporting my university application.

So I decided it was time to give back to them. They are such a fantastic team and work together like a family. The support they provide is nothing short of amazing.

So if you'd like to help give a little to someone living with tinnitus they even a 50p donation to my run would accepted with great gratitude.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Now ..... LET'S GET COLOURFUL!!!!"

Lynne's Justgiving page can be found here