The moderating effects of perception of self-control and personality traits on mindfulness in people with tinnitus

Leeds Trinity University has been undertaking research which shows that mindfulness practice can be effective in relieving tinnitus distress.

Two MSc students, Andrea Tinning and Kristine Rasa would like to invite you to further this research into psychological interventions for tinnitus by participating in a postgraduate research project supervised by Dr James Jackson, Reader in Psychology at Leeds Trinity University.

This online study will be comparing a guided mindfulness intervention for tinnitus with a newer version that may be more beneficial.

What can you expect?

All participants will be asked to complete some questionnaires anonymously and online (you will be identified by a participant code only). This will take approximately 25 minutes.

All participants will undertake eight weeks of mindfulness practice. Each week, you will receive a link to a weekly video (approx. 8-15mins long) which you may make use of at will, and at times convenient for you. Captions are provided, with later videos being more advanced in nature.

In addition, half of all participants will undertake additional training designed to enhance self-control (two weeks of tasks). These tasks are simple yet effective, will take no more than 20 minutes a day, and often much less. You will get to choose when you to do each activity and in which order. You will be able to do these in your own time, wherever you choose, and all materials will be provided.

All participants will then be asked to repeat some of the initial questionnaires online, this will take no more than 20 minutes.

Find out more and take part

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Please note the end date for participation is 31/12/22 

Photo by Josh Blanton on Unsplash